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Free travel book

Please answer the following 12 questions, and you will receive our digital travel book: "Do Peru – 101 things to experience" for free. It takes only 2 minutes to answer.

  Where are you from?   Field mandatory.
  Which age group do you belong to?   Field mandatory.
  How did you find Peru Experience?   Field mandatory.
  What type of travel interests you the most in Peru?
(Choose a maximum of 3 answers)
  Adventure and trekking¬†
Beach and relax
History, archaeology culture  
Flora and Fauna  
Big city vacation
Sport and active vacation 
Please choose an option. Please choose only 3 options.
Other, please specify
  Which destinations in Peru interest you the most?
(Choose a maximum of 3 answers)
  The Amazon jungle and river
Machu Picchu and Cusco
Lake Titicaca
The Sacred Valley
Gastronomy tours in Lima
Sport events (Rafting, marathon, golf etc)
Mancora (beach)
The Nazca lines
Please choose an option. Please choose only 3 options.
Other, please specify
  How much time would you like to spend on your trip?   Field mandatory.
  What criteria do you use to choose a travel agency to plan your trip?
(Choose multiple answers if desired)
Trips and tours offered
Customer service
Ethics, environment, and sustainable tourism
Please choose an option.
Other, please specify
  What service expectations of your travel agency are the most important for you?
(Choose a maximum of 3 answers)
  A high level of information on the website
Easy to contact
Thorough local knowledge
Easy reservation and payment options
Possibilities of custom made tours
Please choose an option. no hay texto.
Other, please specify
  What type of information would you like to receive before visiting Peru for the first time?
(Choose multiple answers if desired)
  Practical advice about traveling in Peru
General facts about Peru
Detailed information on history and culture
Information on destination activities
Please Choose an option.
Other, please specify
  How important is your travel agency's policy on environment and sustainable tourism?   Field mandatory.
  Approximately how much would you like to spend on your trip, please calculate per person per week, excluding international flight tickets:   Field mandatory.
  Additional remarks, please specify here (optional)::  
  I would also like to receive exclusive offers, news and travel stories from Peru..
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