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Cusco City Tour

Cusco City Tour and 4 ruins


The City of Cusco and its immediate surroundings have much to offer from ancient Incan sites to stunning examples of Spanish art and architecture. The Inca and the Spanish play off of each other making the city of Cusco truly worth of its UNESCO World Heritage status. Our bilingual guide will make sure that you discover why the city of Cusco is a worthy destination all on its own. Enjoy a half day on our privately guided tour visiting the highlights of this beautiful colonial city.



Cusco – Salkantaypampa


We will pick you up from your hotel at around 2 pm to begin your Cusco city tour:


The tour begins at the Santo Domingo Church or as it was known in the Inca era Koricancha or the “Temple of the Sun”.- In Inca times this was one of the most magnificant temples in all of the New World as its walls were covered in gold and its courtyards and gardens filled with gold and silver carvings. After the Spanish conquest in the 1500s, a church was built over the existing temple structure creating a very unique blend of Incan and Spanish architecture. In the 1950s, an earthquake brought down many of the Spanish walls to reveal some of the orginal Incan walls, which represent some of the finest examples of Incan architecture and engineering.


The Cathedral.- The church, completed by the Spanish in 1550, is located in the northeast side of the Plaza de Armas where it dominates the city’s main square. Once inside you will be able to view some four hundred XII century paintings done by the members of the renowned Cusco School. Another highlight of the Cathedral is the The Lord of the Earthquakes altar that weighs over 52 pounds and is made of solid gold and studded with precious stones and is paraded around the City once a year to celebrate the fact that centuries ago, during an earthquake, the citizens of Cusco marched out of the Church with the altar and brought an end to the earthquake.


The Sacsayhuaman complex, considered to be a fort or perpahs a religious site, is made up immense walls of huge stones distributed in a zigzag pattern in three levels high stretching some 1,181ft (360 meters). These different levels are connected by flights of stone stairs and doorways that are also massive; one of these doorways is 29ft (9 meters) tall and 15ft (4,5 meters) wide and weighs more than 100 tons. The largest stone block found in Sacsayhuaman stands 27.88ft (8,5 meters) high and weighs 361 tons. Inca Pachacuti employed 20,000 men for the construction of the complex and it took approximately 50 years to complete. Sacsayhuaman was the site of a very important battle between the Inca and the Spanish as both saw the strategic importance of this site and the commanding presence it has over the city of Cusco below.


After the visit to Sacsayhuaman we will visit some additional Inca ruins on the outskirs of the city including; Puca Pucara – a fortress guarding the entrance from the east to Cusco area, Q’enko – considered to be a ceremonial center inside a large rock with carved figures, seats and passages that give you a feeling of being a mysterious place filled with symbolism, Tambo Machay – a fascinating water fountain surrounded by high quality stone walls with continuously running water since the Inca times. After this visit we board the vehicle and make the short drive back to Cusco where you will be dropped off at your hotel.


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Price are per person and in US dollars. Prices are subject to change around holidays such as Easter, Christmas, New Years and other local festivities.

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