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$ 60

This tour will offer you a basic overview of Lima’s historical past in three different eras, Pre-Hispanic, Colonial, and Modern. You will discover the rich indigenous influence and the mark that has been left on the city by visiting ruins.


$ 190

Enjoy a half-day tour learning about the gastronomical secrets of one of the world’s richest cuisines! It is said that Peru’s gastronomy is better than any in Latin America due to the fact that the capital of the Spanish viceroyalty was in Lima.


$ 150

The Los Ficus Hacienda is owned and operated by a well known Limeño family. The first idea to build their hacienda was to have suitable stables for their horses as this is where their true passion lies.


$ 1290

Discover the highlights of Peru on this spectacular 4×4 adventure through the country. This intense adventure allows you to sit back and enjoy Peru’s wonderful diversity.

$ 110


Enjoy some of the most historic colonial sites in Peru and discover all the rich history and culture that the “City of Kings” has to offer.


$ 80

Lima is the capital of Peru and is the largest city in the country. In the city you will be able to see balconies that were a major feature of Lima’s architecture during the colonial period.