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Peru: One of UK's favourite stops

Peru: One of UK’s favourite stops

Ana Gamero
The popularity of Peru is surpassing all expectations! Peru ranked in the UK’s top 3 for travel destinations. Can you guess the other two countries? 

Peru was chosen as one of three most favourite destinations in the UK according to the Wanderlust magazine. It is the UK’s leading travel magazine for independent-minded and adventurous travelers looking for world class information and advice.


The famous English magazine has released the results of its Wanderlust Reader Travel Awards 2017 and Peru is placed in the top 3 for best country to visit in 2017. New Zealand was ranked first and Botswana occupied the second place.


The Awarding Ceremony took place earlier this month in London and the Commercial Counselor of Peru Jaime Cárdenas attended the event and received the prize.


A possible reason for the growing interest among tourists in the UK is the introduction of the new direct flights from London to Lima, launched last May.

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