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$ 1000

This 3 day tour features all the enchanting places of the Sacred Valley of the Incas, including the spectacular Machu Picchu.


$ 590

Have a strong desire to see Machu Picchu but have limited time? If that is the case, then our full day guided tour will make sure that you see all the highlights of the historic site.

$ 1,570

$ 1800

Recently gaining in popularity is the majestic ruins of Choquequirao with its unparalleled views overlooking the Apurimac River canyon. Recent restoration of this fascinating archaeological site has brought the world’s attention to this other lost city of the Incas.


$ 1000

Although Machu Picchu receives all the fame and notoriety; it is not the only Inca ruin perched in the Peruvian Andes.



The Classic Inca trail trek to Machu Picchu is the most popular trek in South America. It combines a gratifying physical challenge with the opportunity to visit world renowned Inca ruins.


Join this adrenaline rush on one of Peru’s signature Andean treks, the Salkantay Trek. Throughout this physically demanding journey you will experience dynamic scenery, remote high mountain passes, and host of archaeological sites.


Qoyllurity is considered the largest pilgrimage in the Andes. This religious festivity was first held in 1780 in the district of Ocongate, eight hours from the city of Cusco. The main ceremony takes place at the foot of Mount Ausangate at 4,700 m.


The City of Cusco and its immediate surroundings have much to offer from ancient Incan sites to stunning examples of Spanish art and architecture.




Considered a must- see by all editors and travel experts, and undoubtedly one of the best museums in Latin America. This attraction is located in a colonial mansion of the eighteenth century, built on a pre-Columbian the seventh century, the Larco Museum Pyramid is surrounded by beautiful gardens.


$ 60

This tour will offer you a basic overview of Lima’s historical past in three different eras, Pre-Hispanic, Colonial, and Modern. You will discover the rich indigenous influence and the mark that has been left on the city by visiting ruins.


Looking for that perfect seaside extension to your trip with just the right mix of nature and relaxation? Well then look no further because you have found it in our Paracas 3 day tour.


$ 80

Lima is the capital of Peru and is the largest city in the country. In the city you will be able to see balconies that were a major feature of Lima’s architecture during the colonial period.


$ 150

The Los Ficus Hacienda is owned and operated by a well known Limeño family. The first idea to build their hacienda was to have suitable stables for their horses as this is where their true passion lies.


$ 690

Enjoy a marvelous train ride from Lima to Huancayo, and stay 2 nights in the charming highland city.


$ 190

Enjoy a half-day tour learning about the gastronomical secrets of one of the world's richest cuisines! It is said that Peru's gastronomy is better than any in Latin America due to the fact that the capital of the Spanish viceroyalty was in Lima.




Due to our new boat schedules you can now visit one of the most remote lodges in South America with a quick 4 day 3 night trip.


Located 4 hours by land and boat from Puerto Maldonado, a stay at Refugio Amazonas brings you to the limit of the Tambopata National Reserve.


Join us on a 4d/3n unforgettable experience in the jungle where you will be able to view wildlife through boat rides down the river.


Keep a lookout for exotic wildlife, interact with local communities, all while enjoying one of the most beautiful natural setting on earth, the Peruvian rainforest.


Come with us on this 6 days/5 nights excursion to experience the National Reserve Park by looking for exotic wildlife.




This 7 day classic tour of Peru features the most important sites of the country as well as making the highlight visit to Machu Picchu.


Amazing Tour

Discover the highlights of Peru on this spectacular 4x4 adventure through the country. This intense adventure allows you to sit back and enjoy Peru's wonderful diversity.


If you are looking for the ultimate luxury during your vacation to Peru you have found it with this tour. We have combined the top deluxe hotels with private guiding and authentic experiences.


During this 15 day tour you will see all the highlights of the south of Peru traveling in your very own 4wd vehicle. You'll make stops at interesting places where most do not.


Amazing Tour

Discover the highlights of Peru on this spectacular 4x4 adventure through the country. This intense adventure allows you to sit back and enjoy Peru's wonderful diversity.


Arequipa, Puno, Huaraz


One of the quickest growing cities in popularity is the "White City" or Arequipa. Its name comes from the white volcanic stone used to build many of its important structures.


$ 400

Come with us and discover the magical Amazon Rainforest. Experience the lushness of the flora and abundant wildlife while staying at an idyllic and beautiful lodge.


$ 300

Interact with a Peruvian indigenous culture up close and personal through a cultural exchange on the islands of Lake Titicaca. Experience the traditional life on Amantani island, by seeing how the native community work the land and make beautiful handicrafts.


$ 700

This 6 day & 4 night trip allows you to sit back and enjoy a cleansing getaway from everyday routines. You will be in the midst of an overwhelming nature, where you can go on meditative treks, do rock climbing and mountain biking, canoeing on the lake, stargazing and much more.