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Best Apss to use while Traveling in Peru

BEST APPS to use while Traveling in PERU

We want you to feel prepared before coming to Peru and we know in this day in age no one can really go old school and leave their cell phones at home, but you don’t have to, because your phone can actually be useful while traveling and not just for taking photos. Below we’ve compiled a list of Apps that we think can help you while traveling in Peru.

Currency App

Currency Exchange

If you want to make sure you’re getting a good exchange rate before exchanging your money any currency exchange apps that you can find in your phone store is recommended. I personally use Globe Convert and I find it very useful not just only for seeing exchanges.

Taxi Apps

Avoid the hassle of going outside and trying to hail a cab and potentially getting ripped off on how much to pay. With Uber, Cabify, Taxi Beat etc., the price is shown to you when you enter the address and you know it won’t spontaneously change depending the mood of the driver.
Triposo Guide App Peru

Triposo Guide

Want to take a travel guide with you when you travel, but don’t want all the bulk of packing a book or books? Well if you download the Triposo app it will give you practical information, weather, things to do, eat and drink in which ever city you search, it even has a small phrasebook for you to learn some Spanish!

Birds of Peru app

If you’re in Peru to go birdwatching then this app is the best purchase you can make. The app features high-quality illustrations, audio for more than 1,000 species, a smart search that helps you determine the species my color, size, habitat, maps and much more.
Birds of Peru - App
Sismos Peru - App

Sismos Peru

This app is all about earthquakes, as you may have been informed before traveling Peru is prone to many earthquakes during its season so the best way to keep up to date with the natural occurrences is to download Sismos Peru. Note that the app is in Spanish, but that won’t stop you from really understanding the magnitude that is always displayed in a bubble. The app also features the date & time, location, depth and intensity of the quakes.

Mesa 24/7

This wonderful app helps you make reservations to some of Peru’s greatest restaurants without the hassle of calling. Mesa 24/7 is very easy to use as it features sections like sponsored restaurants, popular, trending, new, a “surprise me” section and a most commented section. When you click on a restaurant that you are interested in the app will then let you see photos, restaurant times, location, telephone number, website and in some cases it features a PDF of the restaurant’s menu for you to download a browse.
Mesa 24/7 - App

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