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Originally from Denmark, Carsten returned to Peru in 2002 with his wife and eldest son. He started in 2005, among other ventures in Peru. Before this, Carsten has worked in tourism, living in France, Sicily and the U.S., and promoted bands like Metallica, Def Leppard and U2 for PolyGram Records (now Universal Music). Carsten loves pisco sours, Peru's cuisine, and traveling with his family within Peru, a country that he believes is the land of opportunities.



Morten's favorite travel luggage is his running shoes and a paperback of the Peruvian national poet; Cesar Vallejo. With these items he is in his right element, both physically and mentally, for exploring the diversity of Peru.



Natasha is an American who grew up just outside of Chicago. She studied Bilingual Administrative Assistance and General Management and is fluent in English and Spanish. She also likes to help people in any way that she can, she loves to travel with her family and friends and her latest adventure to Puno is one she holds dear to her heart.


Travel Planner

In 2008 Christina moved to Peru and since then she has worked in tourism as a tour leader, getting to know all the prime spots, which this hugely diverse country has to offer. She loves the Peruvian cuisine, the history, and kindness of the Peruvian people. With her dual nationality and interest in cross-cultural communication, she has a high command of both Spanish, English, German and Danish as will be very happy to assist you planning an unforgettable trip.


IT Officer

Gustavo is a System Engineer from Lima University, responsible for managing the programs and computer hardware. He has worked in different enterprises from other economical sectors which has improved his skills greatly.


Operations Manager in Cusco

Trekking in Peru simply cannot become too long or too difficult for Erick, who is at home trekking, exploring and guiding in the Andean Mountains.Ten years ago he started to explore the mountains by himself, and today he knows these mountains better than his own pocket. His favorite routes are those of Choquequirao, Vilcabamba and the classic Inca Trail.


Peru Experience – Where local knowledge meets world-class service

Our Agency

Our aim is to provide you with unforgettable travel experiences during your stay in Peru. We put great effort into the process of developing our tours, which often are inspired by our own experiences or those others have shared, while taking into account some practical considerations to ensure that the trips and tours run as smoothly as possible.

Residing in Peru provides us with distinct advantages when it comes to organizing and developing unique travel experiences, as we are in tune with the latest development that are shaping the country. This allows us to keep our trips fresh and constantly be on the lookout for new destinations that allows us to not only meet but exceed our client’s expectations. Our local knowledge enables us to ensure that our trips are adapted to the locales and respectful of the people and cultures where we operate.

At Peru Experience, we strive to ensure that our trips meet and exceed our client’s expectations in the areas of quality, safety, and efficiency. This commitment to quality carries over to how we select and work with our service providers. We have worked to select the best and most comfortable hotels for you taking into consideration both comfort, location and safety. We also picked out the restaurants with great care. We periodically visit the hotels and restaurants to make sure that they meet our high standards.


To provide unique high-quality travel experiences for those interested in tours in Peru that surpass expectations and in turn make Peru the #1 destination for tourism in Latin America. We strive to be an innovative travel agency by continuously developing new trips and modifying our existing offerings to be at the vanguard of Peruvian tourism. Peru Experience operates in a manner that respects the environment and promotes sustainability while forging mutually beneficial relationships with our clients, and communities where we operate.


To be recognized as the leading travel agency in Peru by 2016 by providing reliable and unique trips to Peru and characterized for its innovative approach to tourism, contribution to the country's economic development and serving as a benchmark for environmental stewardship and sustainability.


  • Specialized high-quality trips to Peru, that surpass our client's expectations
  • Decades of experience in Peru and the tourism industry
  • A portfolio of unique tours in Peru as well as the ability to create a customized travel experience
  • Promote sustainable tourism and environmental stewardship
  • Committed to supporting the communities where we operate



Peru Experience grew out of Peru’s leading online news and information based portal: With nearly a decade of publishing news and information on Peru these two organizations have gathered a wealth of information on travel and tourism in Peru. This knowledge allows us to be experts on Peru and Peru Experience was formed as an outlet to share this information and assist others enjoy the wonders of Peru.

Our Local Knowledge

At Peru Experience, we devote our time and energy to developing unique travel experiences based on our extensive knowledge of the country and our ability to obtain local and up-to-date information. Creating unique travel experiences is just part of who we are as providing the highest quality customer service and always taking into account the safety and security of our clients are paramount to our success. Being based in Peru allows us to be in contact with our local network and enables us to resolve any potential issues as they arise. Our goal is to offer our customers the best travel experiences and this means that we continually are refining our operations to ensure the highest quality experience one can have in Peru.

In addition to Peru’s popular and classic destinations such as Cusco, Machu Picchu, and the Inca Trail, we continually are working on developing new and unique travel experiences such as culinary tours in Lima, relaxing golf tours by the Amazon River, and establishing a Machu Picchu marathon on the Inca Trail.

To provide the best service possible for those traveling in Peru, Peru Experience is now working closely together with strategic affiliated subcontractors and hotels – all of them with in-depth knowledge about tourism in Peru.

101 reasons to be proud of Peru:

In 2008 the book 101 Reasons to be of Peru was published in both digital and traditional formats. The book, which describes the 101 most important reasons to be proud of Peru, was prepared on the basis of input and opinions collected from the readers of and Peru this Week. Thousands of proposals were received and carefully studied before the final selections covering cities, personalities, food, traditions, historical sites and more were made. The book is a small peak into the essential elements of the Peruvian soul and with its 136 pages of text and images it is also very convenient to carry along on the trip to Peru. 101 reasons to be proud of Peru is the English edition of the book, which also has its Spanish edition under the title 101 razones para estar orgullosos del Perú.

101 things to experience in Peru:

After the success of 101 reasons to be proud of Peru with over 100,000 people downloading it thought immediately went into developing its successor. In September 2010, Do Peru: 101 Experiences was published. This digital document lays out the most interesting, funniest and most unique and most amazing things you can do in Peru. The book is interactive, which means that you by a simple click can jump back and forth between related themes. Do Peru can be considered as a theme related tourist guide that makes it easier for a foreigner to prioritize their activities during the stay in Peru.

We would love to share this book with you and through our relationship with have made a free digital version of the book available. All you have to do is to follow the icon on the right menu which will take you to a short questionnaire to complete. We will immediately send you the e-book.