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Term & Conditions

Please read the following carefully as it is your contract with Peru Experience. By booking a trip with Peru Experience, you agree to be bound by these Terms and Conditions which outline, among other things, our booking, payment and cancellation policy together with certain limitations of liability.


Booking and payment
To guarantee a reservation, Peru Experience requires a fully completed booking form (which you will receive by e-mail) together with the necessary deposit payment.


All Tours, including the Inca Trail
At the time of booking a tour, a completed booking form, together with a deposit of 40% of the total cost should be made to Peru Experience. The final balance is due 45 days prior tour departure. In case of cancellation the following schedule will apply: up to 30 days prior tour departure, we will refund 40 % of the balance, between 29 to 16 days prior to tour departure we will refund 20% of the balance. No refund in case of no show or cancellations within 15 days prior to departure. Specifically about the Inca Trail: Fxed costs for train tickets and Machu Picchu entrances to the Inca Trail are non-refundable and are not included in the reimbursement scale above.


Important: Please do not send a deposit without first completing and sending us the booking form which you will receive after making an online reservation. For some of the tours that include accommodation, 18% IGV apply for people without the Andean Migration Card.


Booking form

To confirm a reservation you need to complete and send to us the booking form (which you will receive by e-mail) with the information requested as well as send to us the non-refundable deposit.


The booking form must contain the following information for each passenger:

• Full name
• Passport numbers*
• Expiration date of passport
• E-mail address
• Address
• Country of origin
• Age
• Gender


*Important:In case you have an expired passport and will renew your passport before you come and your number changes, please make sure you bring your old passport. You will be required to show your new and old passports to enter the Inca Trail and/or board the train.



After receiving a booking confirmation from us and depositing the 40% of the total cost of the tour, we will send you a receipt stating the 40% deposit, and a final invoice with the outstanding balance. This invoice is due 45 days prior to the beginning of the tour. Approximately a week before a final payment is due, we will send you a reminder via e-mail.


You have the following payment options:


1. PayPal: With PayPal you can pay with any major credit card (VISA, Mastercard, American Express) without having an account. It is an instant and secure payment.
2. MoneyGram transfer.

When we confirm your booking, we will provide you with detailed payment information.


Resume of Online Booking and Payment Process (step by step):

1. You make an online reservation through our online booking system.
2. We confirm the booking after reviewing availability. Our confirmation process entails sending you a complete
online booking form, together with detailed information about how to make the 40% deposit.
3. You complete and send the online booking form, and make the 40% deposit.
4. We send you a receipt of the 40% deposit, together with a final invoice of the outstanding balance.
5. 45 days prior to the beginning of the tour, you make the final payment of the outstanding balance.


Specific conditions about the Inca Trail

Inca Trail regulations allow a maximum of 500 people to enter the Inca Trail each day; this includes visitors and crew members (Guides, Porters, Cook, etc.).


Entrance tickets/permits are non-refundable, not transferable, cannot be modified (no name or date changes are accepted by Machu Picchu authorities). If you decide to make a change to the name or date you simply forfeit your ticket and your option to enter the trail on that date. You will have to start over with the booking procedure and pay for a new entrance ticket/permit.


Important:If by any chance we receive your money and spaces are sold out before we obtain them, we will let you know and we can agree to enter the trail on a new date, if we cannot work it out, then we will refund your money minus the bank´s charges for transfer of funds (Please note: There is charges on both ends, your bank and ours, we will refund you exactly what we received and if we send funds back, there again will be an additional charge for this by both banks). PayPal has also sometimes a small refund fee.


Medical insurance and Release of Liability Statement
Travel insurance is highly recommended for all clients who travel abroad, and we advise you to buy a reasonable insurance that will cover you in case of personal injury, medical expenses, repatriation expenses, evacuation expenses, cancellation and curtailment.


Upon arrival you will be required to complete and sign a “Release of Liability Document” contract that confirms you are physically and mentally capable of participating in the activities you have reserved in Peru. We can also send the “Release of Liability Statement” in an e-mail which you can print out, complete, scan and send back to us before you arrive.


Changes by Peru Experience

Peru Experience reserves the right to change any of the facilities, services or prices described in our website or other materials. If such a change is made, the client will be told at the time of booking or when the change occurs. Quoted program prices include planning; handling and operational charges are based on current rates of exchange, tariffs and taxes. Peru Experience reserves the right to increase tour prices to cover increased costs, tariffs and taxes received after prices are published, and to reflect fluctuations in foreign exchange markets.

Force Majeure

Peru Experience reserves the right to cancel any trip, including a guaranteed trip, at any time prior to departure due to terrorism, natural disasters, political instability or other external events which make it unviable for Peru Experience to operate as planned.


We will always try to solve any problems immediately. However, if the client wants to file a complaint about any of the tour arrangements, please tell our local representative at the time. If it is not solved at that time, then please write to us within 28 days of your return and we will investigate further.

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