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Your Galapagos Island adventure begins as soon as you arrive in the archipelago. You’ll start by transiting through a VIP lounge within Baltra Island Airport, our guides assisting with any luggage, before crossing the crystalline Itabaca Channel; a popular waterway which separates Baltra and Santa Cruz Islands. Your destination is Semilla Verde Boutique Hotel, a homely Galapagos eco-retreat big on yoga, conservation, and exploring the best of the archipelago. Having checked in and enjoyed some early orientation around the lush grounds of Semilla Verde, kick off your Galapagos tour with a home-cooked lunch and chance to meet your friendly hosts.

This afternoon will then be at leisure to either recover from your journey, maybe unwinding on the lawn, strolling along one of the nearby nature trails or trying a spot of yoga. Or, why not pay a visit to the harbor front streets of Puerto Ayora and all-important Charles Darwin Research Center. Here, exciting exhibits and interactive displays go together with real-life conservation projects, including Giant Tortoise breeding and rehabilitation programs. A suitable start as you witness first-hand the legacy left on the Galapagos Islands by Darwin himself, being that conservation work and the study of species continues to this day.


Your Galapagos wildlife adventure really begins today, with a grand tour of Bartolome Island; its lookout spots and rugged coastline. First, having crossed the Itabaca Channel and moored up, take to the island’s wooden walkways and begin your ascent to one of the best viewpoints in the Galapagos. The reason is that although Bartolome itself is relatively barren, all volcanic rock and petrified ancient lava flows, from this angle you get a 360-degree panoramic look at the wider archipelago; a completely different perspective on exactly how these islands were formed.

This then makes a Zodiac boat ride – the next part of your excursion – all the more enjoyable, as you glide past families of Galapagos Penguins clinging to the rocks, Herons, and Hawks, before passing the golden beaches of Pinnacle Rock, home to a large Sea Lion Colony. The waters which border these soft sands also teem with marine life, making them perfect for snorkeling and scuba diving, which you will get to do just off the adjacent ancient lava fields of Sullivan Bay; one of the real-life Galapagos highlights. As night draws in, head back to Semilla Verde Boutique Hotel for dinner.


Santa Cruz is one of the most diverse and intriguing of all the Galapagos Islands, so is well worth spending the extra time to uncover its many treasures. You might want to begin the day with a stroll along the paradise-like Tortuga Bay, an expanse of chalk-white sands, driftwood and sunbathing Iguanas which is simply too good to miss, whether walking the bay or kayaking around it; both of which you will have a chance to do this morning.

After lunch, most likely in Puerto Ayora, the afternoon can also be spent at leisure, either appreciating a little more time on the coast, visiting the Charles Darwin Research Center (if you did not get chance on the day of your arrival), or taking a tour of Santa Cruz’s underground lava tunnels, before an evening meal at a fine local restaurant and eventually, back to Semilla Verde.


The underwater adventure continues today, and rightly so, as snorkeling or scuba diving in the Galapagos Islands is one of South America’s greatest experiences. This morning’s snorkeling spot is certainly another memorable one, the azure waters of Punta Carrión which are home to huge numbers of tropical fish, Sea Lions, and Rays, as well as a healthy population of White-tip Reef Sharks. You’ll set off from the hotel after breakfast and make way for Carrión, a relatively short cruise, using the time on board to get kitted out and ready for the adventure. It can all be taken at a leisurely pace until moving on to dry land, after an onboard lunch; hopefully having enjoyed the company of native marine life along the way.

Your next stop is South Plazas Island, known for its huge populations of Land Iguanas and nesting seabirds including Gulls – as well as the ever-popular Blue-footed Boobie – giant cacti and a rocky coastline, making it ideal for nature hikes and birdwatching walks once you disembark from the vessel. Spend this afternoon on the lookout for South Plazas’ varied wildlife, either in the company of your expert guide or finding your own remote trails, before returning to another home-cooked meal at Semilla Verde Boutique Hotel.


Day five of your Galapagos tour is left completely at leisure, to either revisit some of your favorite sites, catch up on wildlife reading atop the terrace of Semilla Verde or head further afield to explore more of the archipelago. You may wish to visit Isabela Island, awash as it is with diverse species and its fair share of natural wonders. Highlights include the Isabela Tortoise Breeding Center; an essential institution of Galapagos conservation. Though, being the largest island in all the Galapagos, Isabela is also rich in both biodiversity and dramatic scenery, none more so than its great volcanoes: Sierra Negra and Volcan Chico. The former is an otherworldly terrain of undulating lava fields and scorched soil leading up to the second largest volcanic crater on earth, a full six miles wide, while the latter’s lunar-like landscapes exhibits jagged, red-hued rock formations and deep, foreboding caverns.

Along the way, don’t be surprised to spot Lizards, Hawks, and Finches while admiring views of Fernandina, Pinzon and Santa Cruz Islands from a series of vantage points, before a stop on the golden sand beaches of Puerto Villamil. Alternatively, you may wish to stay closer to Santa Cruz Island and embark on a sightseeing boat tour or treat yourself to a day at Garrapatero Beach, where mangroves and coastal vegetation open up onto bright white beaches and crystalline seas.


The Santa Cruz Highlands are a real pleasure to explore, what with their endemic wildlife, roaming Giant Galapagos Tortoises and of course, the Los Gemelos craters; two colossal sinkholes which must be seen to be believed. This all makes for an essential part of your Galapagos exploration and education, so will be the focus of this morning’s tour. If choosing Los Gemelos as your main attraction, the wildlife walk to get there is a pleasant excursion in itself, so keep an eye out for native bird species and endemic plant-life which thrives in the Santa Cruz Highlands. Once here, gaze out over this captivating highlight of the Galapagos Islands, as lush foliage fills each of the two huge caverns – one stretching nearly 1,300ft across and 2,300ft deep.

Time can then be spent exploring an eerie world of underground lava tunnels, petrified as they formed during ancient volcanic eruptions, or seeking out more of those Giant Galapagos Tortoises for one perfectly captured photograph to take home.

This afternoon, either head into Puerto Ayora or relax around the grounds of Semilla Verde, if not already booked on another last-minute tour.


Round off this immersive wildlife experience with two Galapagos favorites on the final day of your tour: North Seymour Island and Bachas Beach. You may have been lucky enough to see them already, but the first of these two stops, North Seymour Island, is a well-known nesting site for Blue-footed Boobies; one last chance to catch a glimpse of the Galapagos Islands’ most popular species. You can also expect families of Frigate Birds, Swallow-tailed Gulls, Herons, Marine and Land Iguanas, even Tiger Sharks prowling the shore; which itself is a postcard of powder-white sands and native forest. So, having dropped anchor off the coast of North Seymour, a snaking wildlife trail will lead you to some of the main sites if seeking out these various species, thriving in their natural habitat on an island characterized by its low-lying vegetation and pebbly shores.

Then, this afternoon, the last formal stop on your route is Bachas Beach back on Santa Cruz Island, a fitting finale to the tour. The reason is that not only are the pale white sands of Bachas idyllic enough in their own right, allowing for a little downtime after an often-busy trip, but there is also an unexpected amount of wildlife here including Sally Lightfoot Crabs; Pintail Ducks; Brown Noddies; Flamingos and even nesting Green Sea Turtles – if visiting between December and April. This all means that you can indulge in either a relaxing beach stroll or some last-minute wildlife spotting while here, before heading back to Semilla Verde Boutique Hotel, around 25 minutes away.


As your Galapagos discovery with Semilla Verde Boutique Hotel draws to a close, why not enjoy one last Pacific Ocean sunrise before taking the return journey to Baltra, in time for a private airport transfer and your onward journey.

Wildlife of the Galapagos Islands
Active Tour 

The Semilla Verde Boutique Hotel is a nicely isolated, welcoming and well-run base from which to explore the Galapagos Island archipelago, set in its own verdant grounds and with a penchant for yoga and wellness, as well as wildlife encounters. This then makes your Galapagos adventure all-the-more appealing, as days are spent on island visits, snorkeling or hiking, before returning to a home-cooked meal and entirely laid-back atmosphere at Semilla Verde.

Beginning on Santa Cruz Island, you will have the chance for some early orientation on day one, before heading to the volcanic coast of Bartolome Island for a wildlife walk and later, a Zodiac boat ride and snorkeling, if you so wish. There’ll be time spent exploring the Santa Cruz Highlands in-depth, including chance meetings with the resident Giant Tortoises, though the wildlife keeps on coming in the form of tropical fish; Sea Lions; Rays; White-tip Reef Sharks; Iguanas; Blue-Footed Boobies; Flamingos and many, many more during visits to South Plazas, Isabela and North Seymour Islands. Along the way, you will enjoy plenty of snorkeling, trekking and boat trip between the islands and around their coastline, all in the company of an expert naturalist guide and crew, making for that all-encompassing Galapagos experience which everybody craves.


$3,900 per person


  • Accommodation as described
  • All meals
  • VIP airport services on arrival
  • All transfers and ground transportation
  • Small boat excursions with snorkeling equipment
  • All activities and visits as detailed in the itinerary
  • 1 or 2-person kayaks
  • English-speaking naturalist guide


  • National Park entrance fees
  • Tourist transit card
  • Additional beverages
  • Laundry and dry-cleaning
  • Insurance
  • Tips


The above itinerary reflects an intended program, however, it should be read purely as a guide. This is because weather conditions, wildlife encounters, and any unforeseen circumstances beyond the operator’s control on the day may affect the eventual itinerary, and route.


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Please have in mind that check-in hour in most hotels starts at 1:00 pm. Early-arriving guests will be subject to room availability while waiting in the hotel lobby.