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Chachapoyas is becoming a new tourist magnet due to the spectacular nature and trekking opportunities, that surrounds the city, with relics from the past hidden along on the mountainsides. The word Chachapoyas comes from ancient indigenous languages and can be translated as People of the Clouds or Men of the Fog, which relates to the climatic conditions of the Chachapoyas area. As the city lies right on the edge between the highlands and the jungle, a slight overcast, and low clouds are common, which allow visitors to take some magical photos.





As a protected secret, the astonishing Fortified Citadel of Kuelap lies on the top of a mountain with a 19m tall city wall restricting the entrance of strangers. However, since 2017 cable cars are transporting visitors to the the fortified citadel of Kuelap from the nearby village in 20 min, allowing tourism to flourish in the region. For dedicated hikers, it is still an option to reach the Citadel by foot. Another attraction, that has recently become very popular is the Gocta Waterfall. With its 771m it is the 3rd highest waterfall in the world. To reach it, a trail leads you passed a forest, where – with some luck – the national Peruvian bird locally known as Tunqui, can be spotted. If you are not up for an extensive hike, horses can be rented to take you almost all the way. Apart from these outstanding places, what characterizes the Chachapoyas area the most, are the Mausoleums and Sarcophagus, which according to the locals are hidden on almost every mountainside. The ones that are in best conditions with designated routes of access are Revash and Karajía, but they are far from the only ones. In the south, at the Condor Lagune, many mausoleums where found with more than 200 mummies, which can be contemplated in the Museum of Leymebamba, which covers the history of the Chachapoyas people very nicely. In the garden of the museum, many different hummingbirds come to find nectar, so keep an eye open for these colorful and elegant birds.    


Recommend Restaurants in Chachapoyas:

Café Fusiones ($$-$$$) Sandwiches & Coffee: Jr. Ayacucho 952 (Plaza de Armas)
Mistura Urco ($$-$$$) Seafood: Jr. Puno 325, Barrio Luya Urco


Best time to visit:

The temperature in Chachapoyas is almost constant all year round, with about 20° C during the day and around 8-9° C during the night. For this reason, the deciding factor for when to visit the area is really the amount of rainfall. From May to September is the driest season. That being said, a raincoat should be part of your standard equipment when visiting Chachapoyas, as rainfalls occur even in the driest month.