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Located in the heart of the Amazon, Iquitos is the largest city in the jungle and is home to many species of animals. Something unique about Iquitos, the capital of Loreto is that there is no way of accessing the city by road, the only way to reach it is by plane or boat. Iquitos has many attractions and cultural activities one can be a part of. Journey down the Belen River where you can see floating homes that eventually rise and sink with the flow of the river. When you venture further down the river and more into the jungle you will be amazed at all the flora and fauna surrounding you, you can spend the day visiting the Animal Rescue Center where you can visit manatees, giant otters, turtles, gators and other species. While on the Amazon River you might also be lucky enough to see the river’s pink dolphins that are an amazing sight to see. Visiting Iquitos also allows you to visit native communities and enter their world where you can enjoy typical dances and personally get to know the community.



Recommend Restaurants in Iquitos:


Al Frio y Fuego ($$$$) Peruvian- Av La Marina N 134-B
Blanquita ($) Peruvian- Calle Bolognesi 1181
Espresso Cafe ($$-$$$) Peruvian-Jiron Prospero 418
Dawn on the Amazon Cafe ($$-$$$) Peruvian-Malecon Maldonado


Best time to visit:

You can visit all year round, but keep in mind that September – November is the hottest seasons.