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In the town of Puno is where travelers can find the largest and highest navigable body of water, Lake Titicaca. This famous lake is shared between Peru and Bolivia. Puno is also considered Peru’s folkloric capital and in honor of the Virgin of Candelaria, the city holds a festival filled with colorful dresses and dances in the month of February. This festival is the largest and one of the most important cultural events in Peru.





The amazing floating islands of Uros is a wonderful attraction for travelers. As you visit the islands the community members will share with you how their homes and islands are made of totora reeds that grow in the waters, and you will also learn how they live day by day. After following your visit to Uros if you decide you will continue your visit to Amantaní island where you can have a cultural exchange experience and stay the night with a local family, you will hike the island and learn a little more about its inhabitants. The day after the overnight in Amantaní visitors will be taken to Taquile island a less visited island where you can climb to the top and appreciate the views of Lake Titicaca and all its glory.



Recommend Restaurants in Puno:


Alma ($$$$) Peruvian- Casa Andina, Avenida Sesquicentenario 1970
Inkafé ($$-$$$) Peruvian- Av. Sesquicentenario 610
Giorgio Eirl ($$-$$$) International- Jr. Lima Nº 430
Los Uros ($$-$$$) Peruvian/International-Esteves Island


Best time to visit:

May – October is dry season
November – March is a bit rainy
January – February is wet season