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Trujillo is the third biggest city in Peru and is known as the City of Spring due to its mild climate. It was founded in colonial time and preserves the chess board structure in the city center, that characterized Spanish city planning of the time. For this reason, charming and colorful houses with wooden balconies still provide a very picturesque setting and cozy atmosphere for a stroll around the city center. In Trujillo, there is a strong tradition for breeding Paso Horses, which with their smooth ride, make a perfect companionship for the emblematic Marinera dance practiced across generations in the region of La Libertad.





When visiting Trujillo, you shouldn’t miss going to see the archeological remains in the outskirts of the city such as Chan Chan. This used to be the capital of the Chimú empire, which ruled the northern coast of Peru before the Incas conquered the area. Nevertheless, this is not the most ancient remain in the area. The people of the Moche culture constructed a number of incredible temples, some of them virtually absorbed by the modern city of Trujillo as we know it today. Not to be missed is the huge archeological complex known as the Sun and the Moon Temple. It is constructed using millions of adobe bricks, and the temples were decorated in high relief and painted in vivid colors, some of which can still be appreciated today!

After dipping into the enchanting pre-Inca history of Peru, you should go to the nearby beaches, like Huanchaco, to relax. From the restaurants along the pier, you can watch brave fishermen ride out to sea on Caballitos de Totora, a traditional pre-Inca craft made with compressed reeds while enjoying delicious Peruvian fish and seafood dishes.




Recommend Restaurants in Trujillo:


El Mochica ($$ – $$$) Calle Bolivar 462
Chelsea ($$ – $$$) Jr. Estete N 675


Recommended restaurants in Huanchaco Beach


El Sombrero ($$ – $$$): Av. Larco 510
Las Herrajes ($$ – $$$): Av. Larco 1020



Best time to visit:

Trujillo receives very little rain throughout the year. The day-time temperatures are between 20 – 30 degrees all year around. However, the water temperature is the warmest in February and March.